The first concept of which I think will benefit me now and in the future as a nurse in knowing how to interpret non-verbal communication. As Anne parillaud said "a body talks". I believe that is true, because most of what the person is trying to convey or express shows from the person's body. People use many ways to express themselves which involves non-verbal cues. So my job as a receiver is to know how to decode or interpret those cues the other person who is giving off. Being a good decoder involves two separate, but similar skills as our book (Interpersonal Communications the whole story) shows as. According to Floyd Kory, this two which makes you a better decoder are "being sensitive to, and deciphering the meaning of, messages" picking up the non-verbal signs a person gives us is the best way to really know how the other person is feeling. As Floyd said "remind yourself that as much as two-thirds of his or her communication is being conveyed through non-verbal behavior". So there is only one third left which is the talking. That is not enough to really know what the person is conveying. Learning about this, it made me realize that there is more to the person's words than just listening.